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    2. Please move out file and folder out of folder templates in woocommmerce in child theme (in child theme don’t need templates folder).

    4. Please check in Custom (the images will crop) with ratio it now you checked in un-cropped http://take.ms/25AWY

    5. You need create new language as the language running on your site in Loco Translate > Theme > Claue

    6. I added the code to fix columns switcher.

    7. Please copy file layout-4.php as header layout on your site in claue > views > header to claue-child > views > header

    and replace

    <form class="header__search w__100 dn pf" role="search" method="get" action="<?php echo esc_url( home_url( '/' ) ); ?>" <?php jas_claue_schema_metadata( array( 'context' => 'search_form' ) ); ?>>
    		<div class="pa">
    			<input class="w__100 jas-ajax-search" type="text" name="s" placeholder="<?php echo esc_html__( 'Search for...', 'claue' ); ?>" />
    			<input type="hidden" name="post_type" value="product">
    		<a id="sf-close" class="pa" href="#"><i class="pe-7s-close"></i></a>
    </form><!-- #header__search -->

    with your code

    8. Please go to WooCommerce > Settings > Product > Add to cart behavior and uncheck 2 last fields to disable
    ajax add to cart.

    9. Could you try contact with plugin author to help you customize.

    Kind regards

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    Sorry for late reply.

    1,6. The update will include this fix.

    2. Please change struct code on child theme to / public_html / wp-content / themes / claue-child / woocommerce / global

    8,9. I’m sorry, we’re busy so can’t help you do this. Please contact with this team https://bit.ly/2Loo6ke hope they can help you do it.

    Kind regards


    I moved a few woocommerce files to child-theme and it did not help.

    After the update to the latest version of the template, the problem with the switch the number of products displayed in the category does not work. You can log in to my store and see what the problem is? The problem only occurs in the Chrome browser.
    Film: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HTmVf4Bnj-o42XJPwjWXhl9kIBpLcFOB/view?usp=sharing



    1. I still see files in folder claue-child > woocommerce > templates > global. Please change to claue-child > woocommerce > global http://take.ms/tMAUl

    2. Please download attach file and create replace code in claue > assets > js

    Kind regards

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