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    My problem is simple. When we enabled openswatch its correctly displayed in the main language (ES) But it´s not displayed in English.

    Help please

    Capture in ES


    Capture in E





    You missed to translate product attribute, I have checked and I see the attribute available for ES only http://take.ms/tR0Iu

    Refer this article https://wpml.org/forums/topic/woocommerce-product-attributes-not-translated/



    Thats not the problem, the issue its that openswatch Doesn´t works in the translation. The attributes are correctly translated. Please take a deeper look.




    Sorry because inconvenience.

    The plugin Open Swatch no longer support our theme. We recommend use new plugin Variation Swatch with more new features and easy to use. Please disable plugin OpenSwatch and install new plugin Variation Swatch and follow our document at http://janstudio.net/gecko/document/#create-attributes and http://janstudio.net/gecko/document/#create-product-color-swatches

    Best regards

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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