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      I am very disappointed with the purchase of this template.

      1) Problem with import sample data. I like the “Home Static Image”.

      2) Problem with menu on mobile.

      3) Problem with variable product. It does not change the image when changing the product. It does not change the price. Add more of the same product to the cart. Etc, etc, etc.

      Urgent help!

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      First of all thank you for purchase.

      Sorry because inconvenience you have.

      1. You can assign homepage as “Home Static Image” by go to Dashboard > Settings > Readings > Front page > Select home 5

      2. I checked and saw your site don’t load file so it cause conflict javascript so menu on mobile don’t work.


      3. To make your product change image when you change variation you should follow http://take.ms/eaIPw

      The issue with change price can you send us the link of product you have problem, we will check and help you solve.

      Best regards

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