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      I am having issue with the product images. I don’t know if it is the size of my uploaded images or the “hard crop” feature but it shows the product layout incorrectly.

      How can I correct that? Because when it is cropped, the gallery is not fully visible and if I click below the main product image it clicks on a different gallery picture.

      Thank you,


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      The image on the right shows how it should appear and the image on the left is the issue. When I hover over the image on the left the “right or left” arrows show below the picture not on the picture.

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      For the best display you should upload images have same resolution or dimension ( width/height). WooCommerce have feature help you “hard crop” image but your image ( square, horizontal rectangle, vertical rectangle) “hard crop” can’t make these images equal, it only can make image have same resolution or dimension equal.

      Best regards!

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      Thank you for your quick response. That makes a lot of sense. After messing around with the images I found that making all of the images square would make it look the best. I appreciate the help!

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