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    Why Reviews on the Botton aren’t shown as 5/5 Stars below the product title on the top of the page?
    For example: https://trendfellows.com/products/trendfellows-pet-hair-glove




    Hello Harry!

    I installed the app, but now there aren’t stars shown – they are empty.
    I imported reviews with loox – there appearing on the bottom of the page, but not at stars on the top..

    Can you help?



    Could you please try remove app: Loox Reviews – Photo Reviews (Product Reviews) and AliExpress Review Importer

    Best regards


    But I dont want to remove these apps.
    I want that the loox reviews are synced with the reviews of shopify.
    The reviews come from aliexpress – so it is not the solution to delete this app, is it?


    It seems the problem caused by Loox Product review app. Can you please ask app provider to check this issue?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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