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    Hi, I tried to add timer to the product ( Simple Product ) but it is not displaying also the product image is displaying incorrectly. The “Sale” tag is displaying outside the image. Image is displaying a bit smaller also.

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    Could you send me the temporary admin account as private reply. I tried account you attach but can’t access your site.


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    1. Please set schedule sale http://take.ms/H2xzL it need time end sale to countdown

    2. I saw you use small photo for this product, please upload bigger image.

    Best regards



    I have now uploaded an image with large size (968×1080) but it is still appearing small. I have tried different images also but still no luck.



    I help you fix the issue with image, for 2 banner next to countdown product, please use images have same ratio with product image.

    Best regards



    The image is size is fine when the timer is active but when the timer expires the image size becomes smaller again. Please help




    I fixed issue with countdown product when time expired.

    Best regards

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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