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    Hi, on our site the Rightpress Custom Product Options plugin shows product options double or many many times double.
    This only happens with variable options, when AJAX reloads the product options based on the variations.

    The variations are in the system only once, and always assigned to the parent product.

    It only happens when Gecko is the theme, the child or parent theme (up-to-date) both have this issue.
    When we activate a default theme the issue is gone, without disabling any other plugins.

    We also tried disabling plugins one by one, with no result.

    Could you please check this with urgency? We are missing revenue because of this issue.

    Try f.i. this variable product: https://www.geboortegift.nl/product/kraampakket-kimberly/
    1. Select a color (first dropdown) = variation
    2. Ajax reloads the section, and you’ll see all custom fields duplicating. Renew the page and it duplicates even more.


    Thanks in advance.



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    Sorry because inconvenience.

    This issue because the plugin Rightpress Custom Product Options doesn’t support Ajax.

    Please go to WooCommerce > Settings > Product > Add to cart behavior and uncheck 2 last fields.

    Best regards


    Hi Harry,

    Unfortunately that does not fix it, and we never had issues with AJAX before in this plugin.
    It happened after updating Gecko a week ago and along with it updating WooCommerce and WordPress to it’s latest GDRP compliant versions.





    So my client is really missing a lot of revenue, and  I had to rollback a couple WooCommerce updates. This fixes the issue.
    In one of the latest WooCommerce updates, most likely 3.4, the issue started appearing.
    How can we tackle this. Should I set up a copy of the site, or sent you a copy of the site so you can test with the theme locally?

    We do need the 3.4 version soon to be fully GDPR compliant.





    Could you create new copy site and send me credential to check this?


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    I checked your site with 2 default themes “StoreFront” and “Twenty Sixteen” have same issue. Please contact with plugin author to fix this.

    Best regards


    Hello Harry,

    So, quick update here, the problem was not really in your theme. It was an old override file in the child theme that somehow messed with the ajax.

    Issue has been fixed by updating and reapplying changes.






    Glad to hear you solved the issue.

    Feel free contact us again if you need more help.

    Have a nice day!

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