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    Thank you,

    nice theme, however while I am working on theme am facing RTL difficulties, I have consolidate them within a attached document.

    this initail test, it maybe more issues coming in the way,

    Thank you so much

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    Hi Hallbird,

    Thank you so much for details report, we will fix and release update asap.

    If you facing with any new issue, please tell us in this topic.

    Thank and have nice day!


    Thank you for your fast response,

    but you help me how to apply same this filter in my site


    Best Seller




    Could you send us your site url and admin account as private reply, i will check and help you do it

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    Thank you so much,

    really impressive support, I wasn’t expected that much of corporation,

    Again thank you.

    I have add new issues I new document,


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    Thank you so much.

    We are working on the issues with RTL layout we will inform you when done.

    Have great weekend!

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    I can see, there’s change,

    however there’s still somethings isn’t settle,

    such as :

    first document

    1, 7

    second document

    3. search box, instead getting smaller, right its getting bigger.


    and for some reason, the home page, the quickview change isn’t reflected.

    and for the content filtering, if I click on any filter, for example

    filter by lowest price, it will push me to different page






    For document 1
    1. can you send us the link have this text, sorry in don’t understand the text
    7. I will fix

    Document 2:

    3. I don’t know what you mean, i fixed width of filter dropdown

    I checked your site, it now quick view on home page work well
    For new issue related to filter, could you contact with plugin. This related to plugin

    Best regards



    Filter Issue, it was plugin issue, Fixed.

    Document 2. 2. its ok


    For the font, I can’t tell the exact problem even in my side -__-”  “Spaces between Arabic characters”

    however if you click drop down box in content filter for ex. “filter by cheapest”

    you going to see it display correct Arabic characters. I believe it may related to html class inside CSS file.

    you can check the class behind this dropdown box or html code. I believe the solution is there.


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    please ignore first image “caption2.jpg”


    Sorry i don’t know your language so i don’t know how it correct. Could you check the text in Loco Translate > Plugin > WooCommerce

    Go to your language and find the text you see the issue and try correct.

    Best regards



    I understand its diffcualt for guys to trace the problem since its in different language, which is unreadable for you.

    however I have spent last 2 hours, debuging the issue and I have found the couse behind it.

    its “letter-spacing” attribute, When I disabled it I can see characters  displayed proper without any space, so culprit is this attribute.

    you can try also, just go to any product list my site, and disabled this attribute in CSS file.  you will notice text got changed immediately.

    So what do you advice, this attribute needs to be turned off in RTL, so the Arabic characters displayed correctly

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