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    Hi there. I have some issues that I would like some help on:


    I just noticed that when the Mini-Cart feature appears, it creates a blacked out version when it slides back out. You would have to click on the black to go back to the store.

    Is this normal? I just tried it on the demo and it doesn’t behave like this.

    Featured Products On Product Page:

    Below the products, sometimes the products show up in a slider, and sometimes it’s just a full screen (with big image).

    Any way I can fix this?

    Remove Reviews / Move Product Description Below Add To Cart

    I’d also like to remove the”reviews” section as I use a plugin for that and also would like to move the product description below the add to cart (side to the image).

    Is this possible?

    Thank you very much

    Chris lee


    Hi Chris,

    1. When you add an item to cart or click on cart icon the mini-cart will show with black overlay it is normal

    2. When the product have more than 4 related products the issue will fix

    3. I help you remove Review and move product description below add to cart button. http://take.ms/z1SKL

    Please backup file Snippets > product-detail-2col.liquid and sections > product-detail-main.liquid

    For the next update.

    Best regards


    Hi Chris,

    I move countdown stock below price.

    Please reply on this topic, that will help our team easy track all your issue.



    Thank you Jan.

    Just noticed that the mini cart when on mobile and you click “add to cart”, it just shows a white screen instead of the products.

    It also happens when you click the cart button.

    Can you look into it please?


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    Hi Chris,

    This screen on my phone


    I check your site, sometime it have issue with  app review, please try delete review app.


    Best regards



    Looks like it’s been fixed now. Not sure if this is something you did but thank you regardless.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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