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    I’ve been working on adding some pretty basic features that our template lacks.  If anyone is interested in adding any of these to your site all are incredibly simple to implement.  Just reply to this if interested, indicating which of the following features you want to build into your site and I’ll post how :

    1. Infinite scroll pagination – so instead of having < previous  3 4 5 6 next > at the bottom of collection pages you just scroll down and when you get to the bottom it loads the next batch of items.
    2. Back to Top button – an arrow that appears near the bottom of the screen when you scroll down on longer pages that smoothly scrolls all the way back to the top of the page. – I already created a thread with these instructions
    3. Wish List – I spent hours researching and found the best Shopify app out there.  14 day free trial and after that it’s only 2$ a month which is peanuts compared to other alternatives.  The best part about this app is their developers are incredibly responsive and installation AND visual customization is included free.  Hah, I’m relentless and Kundan and Avanish (the dev guys) and I traded probably 30 emails over the course of the week.  My customizations were pretty advanced but in the end they helped me achieve exactly what I wanted.  This is an amazing solution if you want a wishlist – and btw, their cool differentiating feature is that a customer DOES NOT have to be logged in with an account to create a wishlist.
    4. The Claue pop up is unusable as it is pops up on every page, every refresh, etc and has no options in our backend for control.  I have found an app with amazing features that allows tons of control over the functioning of the popup, visual design of the popup etc.  And the free version of it is more than sufficient for mosts’ needs.



    Hi Ryan,

    Thank you for your suggestion! I have noted it down and will discuss with my team to implement it in the future.

    We will surely give you a heads-up once it rolls out!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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