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      We’ve taken our site live but, We have a strange glitch on mobile, a few actually, all pertaining to the color swatches.

      The main issue is, sometimes, when clicking on a swatch option to choose a color, they are linking to the related product listed below.  Even though that related product image is a scroll away from the color swatch.  We have to go back to the page we were on, enlarge the page, then click, then it works.  But for a first time user, purchasing, this will hinder sales.  They will get frustrated and leave.  This one we need a solution for as soon as possible. This has been tested on three different mobile devices, Android and iPhone.  Same issue on all three devices.

      The other issue for only two products, on the display page, only one color swatch does not show the image pertaining to that swatch.

      So on this page:  http://twistedmovement. com/bodysuits/
      Scroll to Heart Shape Box and click on marble red
      When on the product page itself, it works.

      The same thing is happening with the XXX Bodysuit on the same link listed above but for the burgundy option.

      Please advise on how to solve these issues.

      Thank you!

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      This issue because your live site use HTTPS and the old image still link in http please use plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/really-simple-ssl/ to fix.


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