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    in my product called “Apfelessigkur TRUNK-BASIS 500ml” I changed the text in main description.

    But still I see the old text right of the image in shop and the new text only below in the further description.

    From where does the olde text still comes and how I can edit/delete it?


    Hi Adam,

    Did you try clear cache of your site and cache of Browser?


    Hi Adam,

    The texts on the right of product image is short description.

    The texts of full description will display in tab.

    Best regards


    Hi Harry,

    yes – what I want to say is that the text which is in short description is not the text which is shown.

    The shown text is any old text. cache is cleared and I cannot understand form where it comes.


    Hi Adam.

    I saw have only text stock available was generated by a plugin


    Other text are sample




    Best regards

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    Hi Adam,

    The field you said about not product short description. It generated by plugin “WooCommerce Germanized Pro”, please contact with plugin author “WooCommerce Germanized Pro” where this field show.

    I don’t know how this field work.

    Best regards


    sorry, my misstake.
    There is above the field I was looking for. just need it to open the drop down.


    Hi Adam,

    Is the issue solved?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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