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    Dear Customers!

    Please give us your suggestion to improve our product and your idea for new features.

    Thank you so much.


    Hi dear Harry,

    Here are my suggestions :

    – Whenever a product quick shop popup opens in the pages, the title of the product can have the url of the product. So whenever a user wants to access the page of the product, doesn’t have too close the popup and click on the image or link of the product in that page.


    – In product quick shop popup the badges of the product can be shown too. Badges like : New, Sale, Discount percent or Sold out on the top left of the product image to have the better UX for the user.


    – There is a blog slider in the bottom of the page. under the title of a post, there is a phrase like : ” By rahim on Dec 24, 2017 ” , the word ” rahim” here can have a link with the target=https://look.ir/author/rahim. And beside this you can develop your own author box that comes on the top of the all post from rahim. There is a Plugin that I am using for this pursuit. And I can put that author box according to the author’e help in the files of : single.php or author.php to do what I mean and want. But much better if the theme had this option itself. 🙂


    – In the product listing for variable product, it’s better that the selected swatch has a circle on the value for color.

    I mean like the time you go to the page of a variable product you see a black circle around the color value.
    You can add it in the product listing too for variable products.


    – I recommend you to check by default the check box of ” Notify me of follow-up replies via email ” in this forum.
    So maybe some users who don’t have rich experience of the forums, will forgot to check this and they will miss your support.

    Rahim Vaziri
    CEO & Founder at Look.ir


    Hi Harry,

    I think you should update your footer in the demos. check here.

    Rahim Vaziri
    CEO & Founder at Look.ir


    Hi Harry,

    I thought you may like to update your font awesome version. 🙂

    Rahim Vaziri
    CEO & Founder at Look.ir


    Hi Rahim,

    Thank you so much for your suggest. We will collection and improve for future update.

    The awesome font in new version they change all class of icon so we can’t update.

    Thank again.


    Discount Percentage on variable products is my 1st suggestion. I think its bit difficult on variable products so I think if there is a way we can at least manually add the discount Percentage on each product(lets forget the variables) which replace the SALE tag with the 00%
    I am not sure how you gonna archive this but i have a feeling that it might not that hard to replace the SALE tag with a PERCENTAGE which comes directly from the product page.

    This will be a great addition to this beautiful them. Thank You

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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