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    1. The major problem with this theme is that when I click on a product on the home page and arrive at that particular product page, the big default image that shows on the screen is a variant (the theme automatically chooses the green variant for me immediately without me choosing the color by myself). This is a major issue because when I post a product on the page and lets say they have four colors of variants: blue, black, green, yellow, I wanted to have the big default image be a custom made image where it is a combination of these four variants side by side.

      What is happening: I arrive at a product page. The default picture pops up immediately as a green variant. I have to scroll through to find the variants-combination.

      What I want/What it should be: I arrive at a product page. The default big image that pops up should be the variants-combination picture where I custom-edited and uploaded. None of the variant is selected yet. I will have to actually select on a variant/color for the individual-color product to pop up.

    2. Another problem I am facing regarding the color swatch is that while on the home page where it lists the products on the collection section, some products have the color swatch under the product thumbnail and I don’t want that color swatch to appear on any product thumbnail on the home page , nor the product listings on the “related products section”, nor the product listings on the collection page. I already unchecked and leave everything regarding the color swatch blank. But it still shows. Please help on this issue as well.

    Thank you in advance for you help as this is URGENT.


    Hey, yes, there are major issues with the variant switching code which many of us have identified and posted about on the forum.  I have been sitting on my hands for about a month now waiting for the guys to fix the problems and we just got an update this week which unfortunately did not correct them.  Harry and Foster seem like good guys and in that past always were very prompt with their replies and helpful in finding solutions so with any luck they will have everything sorted out sooner rather than later.  Fingers crossed.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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