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    Hi Team

    I started to work with the theme following the instructions from your Document.html. As soon as I arrived to the Theme Translation section, the things didn’t work. Once Loco Translate plugin was activated, I’ve selected Theme, but the option NEW LANGUAGE, was not available. This option was displayed after I selected Claue theme. Then I selected Spanish Argentina, and when I tried to perform the translation, the error 404 was displayed, same thing with Spanish version. The main situation was that after I ran the Loco plugin translation, the WP main language returned to English, and all the plugins installed, WooCommerce included, which is crucial in Spanish version, returned to the English version and I can’t translate anymore to Spanish, although WP language is set again, to Spanish Argentina, and I reinstall more than 2 times the language Spanish pack in my WP.

    Please help!

    Another issue, but with the main menu. If I select from the Claue Main Panel/Header, the layout #2, which I wanted to use, the menu displayed is the original, in English. This bug happen only with the second layout. Regarding the Home Page, if I turn on the option Breadcrumb, which is good used in combination with the menu transparency feature, the word “Front Page” is displayed and I can’t find the way to erase it.

    Last thing, about the menu, I can’t find the way to edit/delete the highlighted words NEW (cyan) and SALE (yellow) from the main menu, the color RED in the center menu item (Tienda) and edit the hyperlink of the Logotype.

    Thanks for your time.





    1. I have created the language template for your language and I made an example of 404 page, you can check it here http://www.frioportatil.com/sandbox/404

    2.With the Header layout #2, we have two positions to assign the menu, so you need to create two menus, one for left and one for right http://take.ms/0WBFP

    3.You don’t need to enable breadcrumb, just increase the padding of the first section like this http://take.ms/E72Sf

    4. Please see this image http://take.ms/VuJPs

    Best regards,


    Hi Foster

    Thanks for your feedback!

    1. With a little help of a Youtubers, I was able to bring back to Spanish the WooCoomerce and the other plugins. For your future references, I just set the language to Spanish, instead of Spanish Argentina. Still, I don’t understad what you did in the link you sent. The Theme in the backend options is still in English, not in Spanish. Thanks.
    2. When I did what you said, I see two menus, like twins, which is useless, but at least I see the menu with layout #2. It’s a progress. It’s the same if I select Left Menu and Right Menu, or these two options plus Primary Menu. Can you bring the solution for just one primary menu? No twins please.
    3. Got it. Thanks!
    4. Awesome, found it! If I want to change the color, should I do it from the Editor?

    Thanks again Forster!


    Additional Notes regarding item 3: FYI, when I’ve updated the Class CCS field New/Sale for my own words, it disappeared, and now the text it’s not displayed.


    Additional Notes regarding item 3 part 2: FYI, is displayed only if I use the original words sale or new.



    1. You need select Left menu and assign it for left http://take.ms/lCWyG and right menu assign for right http://take.ms/WdRwM

    2. Could you tell me where you change the sale, new badge (on menu or on product listing)?


    Hi Harry

    1. Now with your print screen is understood. Thanks!
    2. I took the example sent by Foster on the following print screen: https://monosnap.com/file/CwY6LSs1zCvRDqxOnJYuH1JfIFKg1v
    3. Any solution regarding the theme Spanish translations? With a little help of a Youtubers, I was able to bring back to Spanish the WooCoomerce and the other plugins. For your future references, I just set the language to Spanish, instead of Spanish Argentina. Still, I don’t understad what you did in the link you sent. The Theme in the backend options is still in English, not in Spanish. 

    Have a nice weekend!



    2. You can add custom code in Claue > Theme Option > General Layout > Custom CSS

    Change Hot, New, Sale to your language

    3. I change your language site to Spanish-Argentina. Your backend still in English because the backend in Spanish-Argentina not complete translated. In Spanish someone translated complete the backend so you don’t see English

    When you change your site language to Spanish, you have to create new language Spanish(Spain) http://take.ms/34Aet to translate

    Best regards


    Hi Harry


    2. I’ll use your advice.

    3. I’ve reverted your change due to if the WP website is set to Spanish Argentina, the WooCommerce and other plugins are displayed in English. They only work in Spanish when the configuration is set in Spanish (without any country reference).

    About your theme language configuration, I still don’t understand. Hopefully it will not be reflected in the frontend of the Spanish websiste.




    The translate language should same as main language of site to it work

    If you switch you site language to Spanish you have to create translate language as Spanish https://monosnap.com/file/FSvmt6NZVGpDP8DxwrEXBiWhMKuMyw# to translate plugin work

    Best regards


    Hi Harry

    I did what you said on the first place with the same result, error 404. Apparently the source files can’t be found. Please see the attached file.

    Thanks for your feedback!


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    This now all text in English so you have to translate one by one to Spanish.

    Best regards


    Hi Harry

    So, I have to translate one by one 605 entries. Is that what you’re saying? That’s not what your official documentation say, this should be an automatic translation, not the monkey way. Also I asked about language before purchase the theme, and your team responded another story. Can you be more specific regarding if I should translate all the entries one by one if the website language is Spanish? Honestly, I can’t believe your answer.




    We only tell with customer our theme support to translate not include translated language package.
    I will ask my client about Spanish language. If they share you can save your work.

    Best regards


    Hi Harry

    OK, NP. I will share with you the Spanish translation. Can you tell how can I save this translation in order to share with you and also to use it un further works or in case an issue in production? Thanks in advance.


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