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    Hi, yes of course!
    I replaced the pot file with the attached in this topic.
    I updated the .po file with the new pot file.
    Nothing changed. Even if I replace with the new terms.php file.




    It now you have issue with only terms.php.

    Please download attach file

    Best regards

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    I have replaced with the new terms but I cannot see the difference with the original terms of woocommerce.

    The link drops down instead of opening in a new tab.
    And it carries css code in it too.

    I hoped this time that we would resolve the issue.






    Could you give us your admin account as private reply?

    We will check and help you solve.


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    The text now generate by plugin WooCommerce so you have to change .po file of WooCommerce, it now doesn’t support open in new tab.

    I’m sorry about this.



    the text is generated by WooCommerce .po file because your .pot and .po file are not working properly.

    The specific page renders your latest terms.php which bypasses everything and calls official WooCommerce translation.

    The same problem exists in cart.php, on the cart page.
    As I mentioned in previous post –  Coupon, Apply coupon & Update Cart remain untranslated.
    Login button in Login Page too.

    Seems that after last update your translation got messed up.
    Please check it out, It is more than 2 weeks that we are troubleshooting it.



    I’m sorry because inconvenience.

    Could you try loco translate plugin and click on button “Sync” before translate. https://monosnap.com/file/cnEaRN0Cf1MQawzszexKyncKsA7i1z

    I try on my local it still work well.

    Best regards


    I have installed Loco Translate in a local installation in order to investigate the issue.
    After syncing a lot of new untranslated strings appeared in Loco Translate.

    I translated them and got the new .po file.
    I have uploaded in my live installation and everything works properly now.
    The problem persists in missing strings in your .pot file.

    Please check attachment.
    The specific one as all the other untranslated strings are missing from your .pot. (css class shall be included in string)
    So if you try to translate manually there is no chance of translating them.


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    Thank you report. We will update our .pot file for the next update.

    Best regards

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