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    I’m tying to have the “View More” button using visual composer to display products on a page. The button is working well when products are automatically shown by woocommerce but not displayed when products are shown with visual composer on a specific page.

    Here is a page of woocommerce where the “view more” button is working : http://danke.floborrel.com/categorie-produit/rangement/

    Here is a specific page where I use visual composer to display my products and I would like to have the “view more” button after each 16 products : http://danke.floborrel.com/collection-danke-galerie-vente-de-mobilier-ancien/

    You could find the settings I have put in visual composer to display products by looking the image attached.
    The problem is that I said that I wanted 16 products per page but have no pagination or “view more” button…
    I would like the “view more” button to be displayed.

    Thanks for your help !

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    Thank you for choosing our theme.

    Sorry because inconvenience the “View more” button only work on shop page or product category page, it doesn’t have this function with page builder shortcode.

    It have a way to create custom button and link to shop page http://take.ms/Q74Iq.

    Please use custom code below

    <p style="text-align: center;"><a class="button-o" href="/gecko/fashion/shop">View more</a></p>

    Best regards



    Thanks for the rapidity of answer !

    Ok for the view more button…
    But can have the pagination ? It’s possible to ask to have 16 products per page but there is no pagination displayed…

    Thanks for the custom button linked to shop page but it’s not what I want to do otherwise I would use the shop page.



    1. I’m sorry with shortcode element products of PageBuilder doesn’t support pagination on shop page or category page you can change type of pagination in Theme Option > Woocommerce > Product Listing Settings.

    2. You can change link of button to the page or category as you want.

    Best regards!

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