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    We bought the helpdesk theme but  We need 2 different Knowledge Base Modul,

    video module is not enough for us.

    How can we make two different knowledge base working at the same time?

    please help…




    Sorry, we still not clear your issue. Could you explain more?

    You can separate 2 Knowledge Base as 2 categories of Knowledge Base and add 2 menus link to 2 categories

    Best regards

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    Please use default function of theme and use a plugin https://www.echoknowledgebase.com/kb-demo/

    After you change permalink in Theme Option please go to Settings > Permalink and click on save.

    Best regards


    Sorry i forgot update plugin link https://wordpress.org/plugins/echo-knowledge-base/


    Hi sır,

    I know, but we need independent 2 kb modules

    İt is possible in this : https://themeforest.net/item/helpdesk-wordpress-support-center-theme/17045854?s_rank=2


    We install plug-in but template different …

    Can you clone orginal kb plug-in in theme ?


    Please provide me a temporary admin account, We will help you do it.

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    It’s done, please check.


    Hi sır,

    I see on admin panel but, template panel not aveable.

    and post link error : https://www.ihs.com.tr/destek-merkezi/jhelp-kb-custom/demo



    This problem caused by your permarlink. I have re-save for you, it working fine now.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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