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    No need for your video, I already installed the plugin?
    Ps :! the plugin is already installed successfully, before the purchase of the template
    I do not see the report, with the problem that I meet
    The developer of the plugin to check, the problem is on the side of your template and not the plugin

    Good if there is no solution before the weekend, I delete your template permanently from our server

    Test with the template avada, divi everything works properly

    Thank you


    I check the setting of plugin with my theme it still work well when click on Save in Theme Option but don’t know why it have issue on your site.



    I delete our wordpress site permanently.

    Check for yourself, I reported several times that I had problems with your template and the plugin and we received no solution

    The plugin developer confirms that the template is not compatible with are plugin.

    So I can not keep a template that does not support plugins

    I request full refund, please

    All authors have already made the full refund

    Thank you



    You using our theme for along time. With so much report support for customize.

    We can’t give you refund.

Viewing 4 posts - 46 through 49 (of 49 total)

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