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    I would need your help with the followings:

    Some of the widgets can not be seen on the shop page and single item page, eg. price filter (http://cascara.hu/lechuza/webaruhaz/).

    I have no idea why, but one of the colors is wider: http://cascara.hu/lechuza/termek/lechuza-balconera-color-kaspo-cserep/

    It’s not an error, but I would ask for your advise (it may not part of the support, then please, just ignore it): I have differently orientated images for the products (horisontal, portrait, square), and it looks really stupid, when after a portrait a horizontal is coming, because the product thumbnails are much under it, arrows as well. Is there a solution for this?

    Thanks a lot!





    1. The price filter doesn’t show on this page because 3 product have same price or lost price filter in Widgets > WooCommerce Top SideBar, WooCommerce Sidebar, can you try add a product with different price to check or add price filter in these widget

    2. This problem because you upload images don’t have same dimension

    you can add custom css in JanStudio > Theme Option> General Layout > Custom CSS

    #pa_color.swatch li span { with: 24px;}

    3. It better if you upload these images have same dimension or same ratio

    Best regards


    3. You can try setting up you product image size with “hard crop” at WooCommerce > Settings > Product Display


    After that you need regenerate thumbnail in Tools > Regenerate Thumbnail

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    You should update Open Swatch plugin  too.

    Best regards


    Hi Harry,

    Isn’t the 2.0.2 version is the latest? If not, how can I update it? I can not find it in the downloaded zip, and it’s not a free plugin…




    Foster is here, Can you please give me a temp admin account, I will check and help you solve this problem

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    Sorry this is our mistake. In new version of WooCommerce have problem with product with gallery swatch we will update soon

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    We update our theme & OpenSwatch plugin, you can wait for inform email of Envato to approve our  update theme to fix problem.

    Best regards

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