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    after solving the attributes issue:
    we noticed that Add to Cart behavior (slide sidebar) is not working.

    Could you please inform us how could we have this functionality to Add to Cart button?

    Thank you in advance


    Hi there,

    This issue may be caused by WooCommerce new version, it seems the product custom field (product designer) does not work with Ajax add to cart function, We will check and get back you soon with any update on this.


    are you still looking at it?
    In your previous Gecko 1.6.0 everything worked properly.
    Even now if we roll back to 1.6.0 with the latest version of WooCommerce 3.1.2, Ajax add to cart function works properly.
    So it seems that is not related with Custom Product Designer plugin.
    Any news?




    please check this correction.
    Previous Gecko 1.5.1 had proper functionality (1.6.0 is your latest)
    So if we roll back to 1.5.1, Ajax add to cart function works properly.




    Sorry for the late, I have fixed the problem, your case is specific I can’t update in the child theme, so please backup file theme.js in folder assets / js before upgrade our theme.

    Hope you understand.

    Best regards,


    mini cart seems to work properly now! Problem has been fixed.

    As we can see there is a new Gecko theme version 1.6.1.
    Does this update contains the fix for our eshop?
    Please make us clear what has to be done with the assets/js/theme.js file.

    Thank you




    Please backup file theme.js after update you restore file theme.js.

    Best regards


    OK or alternately we have to dequeue original script and enqueue your modified script in our child theme.




    We can’t implement code in child theme so we have to do it in theme.js. So you have to backup theme.js before update and after that replace new file with backup file.



    OK but with this method we will miss any possible updates (implementations) in theme.js file (in newer versions). Isn’t it?




    I will help you to update whenever we have a new version.

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    If you know JavaScript code, please find this function initAddToCart in theme.js file and change that function to

    Best regards

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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