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    1. Annex 1 gives the detailed explanation. I’m trying to add to buy a set of parts that does not have the same features. For example: One piece is stamped and the other is flat.

    As you can see in Annex 1, the first product is stamped and the product that it buys together it gets discounted is plain in navy blue, that even the fabric is not the same either, since the stamped product has the polyester fabric and The product that he buys together he earns discount, is polyamide.

    As you notice in the orange description square, “additional information” and “polyamide” appear which are descriptions of the product 2, which is the product that if it buys together it gains discount. What I need then is correct that.

    The “Additional Information” and “polyamide” should be characteristic of product 1, which is stamping, not product 2. How do I solve this?

    2. In Annex 2, I want to translate this part, but so far I have not found where that is.

    3. One more thing, if you know and if you can inform me, I’ll be grateful, the emails sent to outlook are being blocked. Do you know how I can solve this?


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    1. Can you explain more about your issue with product bundle ( you mean you only want discount for product 2 not want for product 1 ?)

    – Did you use any plugin for variation? – i checked your site and saw the variation have link https://monosnap.com/file/7sVhDwsofuouww8PChRweNfddjjymZ#, by default it doesn’t have link in Additional Information tab

    2. You can translate this string in Loco Translate > Plugins > WooCommerce Product Bundle.

    Best regards


    1. I want to discount the 2 products. What I explained to you was that each product has a description, and in product 1, the product description 2 appears when I add product package 2, on product page 1. About the variation, I did not use any additional plugin, I’m just using The tab package of products that already came.

    2. About this plugin, I did not find it in the list for translation of woocomerce. Can you print and send me?




    1. Can you try deactivate plugin one by one and check, i switch to default theme Twenty Seventeen have same issue

    2. You can follow this screen shot https://monosnap.com/file/QSE1tYvTb9RQ82YMZeYg45vznZWF4A#


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    1. I will check the Plugins then

    2. Follow the path to the “WooCommerce Product Bundle” Plugin, but the last 2 options you have are not displayed. How do I solve it?



    I click on edit template and sync, it update new string https://monosnap.com/file/bhAFjiS46br7yv5TQyRkMTp1LotCTK#. Now you can translate the string.

    Best regards



    But we still have a problem. I deactivated all the plugins, and checked the description change, and it continued the same way. I’m on product page 1, and in the additional product description 1, the additional product description 2 appears. I believe it is some setting of the theme or plugin that makes this setting. It’s just missing this to stay the way I want


    I try to switch to default theme Twenty Seventeen it have same problem. So the issue not related to theme.

    Could you try create new product with new bundle. I don’t know your product have link in variation while my demo doesn’t have




    I created a new product, I tested it as a simple product and even with product package, however, it continues the same way





    I think this issue related to plugin, let us discuss with plugin author.



    I’m waiting. Thank you!

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