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    Hi, we’re using Gecko, and although the site displays correctly on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and across mobile devices, it doesn’t display correctly on Internet Explorer 11. The logo doesn’t centralise, and the vertical slider on this page only fills half the screen height;


    Our domain is http://www.twentytwentyliving.co.uk

    Can you please advise on how to fix these issues?



    Sorry for the unwanted inconvenience. We are still finding the solution to fix this issue, please kindly stay tuned. I will get back to you soon with any updates on this.


    Hi, are there any updates on this???



    I’m sorry for the late response. We are still investigating this issue, please kindly stay tuned.


    Hi, another 6 weeks has passed with no updates… please advise



    Sorry for miss your message.

    We have 3 update version in 6 weeks. Could you try update theme to latest version http://support.janstudio.net/forums/topic/updating-the-theme/ and tell us if your issue resolve of still there.

    Best regards.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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