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    Thank you for the quick reply Harry, we’ll try out the classic editor.

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    1. I checked your site with classic editor it still work well. To disable Gutenburg please go to WPBakery Pagebuilder and check in this option http://prntscr.com/mcc6su

    2. For slider please edit slider and turn off full width option http://prntscr.com/mcc5iz and turn off header transparent in Theme Option > Header > Header Transparent

    – I recommend crop image on your local and optimize image at https://tinypng.com/ before upload on your site

    3. Because you remove order tracking page so it redirect to 404 page. I help you re-create this page and it now working

    4. Please go to Theme Option > WooCommerce > Product Listing Settings > Layout and select layout with left sidebar http://prntscr.com/mcc93h and navigate to Appearance > Widgets > WooCommerce Categories Menu Sidebar and drag Product Categories to WooCommerce Sidebar http://prntscr.com/mcc9n6

    5. Please add below code to claue-child > style.css

    @import url(https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Lobster);
    .jas-menu > li > a {
    	font-family: Lobster !important;

    6. I’m sorry the discount percent only show correct number and can’t override to rounded-down

    7. Please add below code to claue-child > style.css

    .footer__top .jas-social i {
    	font-size: 24px;

    8. You only need use WPBakery PageBuilder and new row and add your element ( Text & Icon) or add TextBlock and add shortcode to show newsletter form

    9. Please add below code to claue-child > style.css

    .post-info span, .post-meta, .posted-on, .single-post .page-head .pr span {
    	display: none;

    10. I still see the video work well http://prntscr.com/mccfrg after click “enable cookies and enable content

    11. Please go to WooCommerce > Settings > Default Customer Location http://prntscr.com/mccgaa

    12. Please try deactivate plugin Complianz | GDPR Cookie Consent if issue still there, please try enable plugin WOOCS Currency Switcher. I check on our demo with currency switcher integrated with our theme it still work well when switch currency don’t need to reload or open new link to update currency

    It better if you separate to 3 topic with 3 tasks for one topic that will help us easy handle.


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    Hi Harry,

    Many thanks for getting back to us regarding the issues so quickly, really appreciate it.

    Thank you too for the fixes – some things worked, others not, so will go through those below:

    -slider size on desktop is fixed, thank you! On mobile however, it is still far too big and cut off awkwardly. We do have responsive mode for mobile switched on on layer slider so not sure if there is a conflict somewhere with the theme. It does display correctly with these slider settings on the live site.

    -image cropping. We know about those image optimisation sites so happy to use those. But could you please let me know what the maximum product dimensions (width and height) need to be on the product page to display correctly and all the same size? What do we need to be cropping them to?

    -thank you for the fix on the product categories sidebar. The list now appears as it should on the side. For some reason though, it only appears when the page ‘Dresses’ (the main shop page) is selected but not on the other top menu category pages like Occasion Glam, ‘On Sale’ etc etc where it should also appear. We do have the categories widget added to the primary sidebar and we also have the sidebar view enabled on those categories. It appears with this set up on each of those menu pages on the live site so not sure what is going wrong here. Could you advise?

    -thank you for the code snippet for the main menu (lobster font). The menu is super tiny now so we’ve added this code snippet to the style.css:

    .jas-menu > li > a {

    It hasn’t worked – could you suggest an alternative one that does?

    -Newsletter Sign Up Row (above footer). We’ve set up a page through Bakery Page Builder as you suggested. Added the row but could not get the text option to add inside the row (it now appears above it). We also added the shortcode for the newsletter alongside the text. This along with the text all stacks one under the other rather than in one line as it should in the row. How can we fix this?

    -multi currency not geolocating and not switching on page. So firstly, we did the steps you suggested before switching on the WOOCS plugin to see if we could run the multi currencies & geolocating correctly just with that. 1) switched off Complianz plugin; 2) set woocommerce settings to “default customer location”. Unfortunately this did not fix the issues – 1) currencies do not appear to geolocate, 2) if you switch the currency, it still does not switch on that page, and 3) the currency rate does not automatically update even though the API is set up correctly. (it will update manually if prompted)

    Before I move on to us testing the multi currency set up with the WOOCS plugin switched on, I just wanted to clarify with you what the multi currency set up on Claue is meant to be able to do on its own without integrating it with WOOCS. We were advised that it does geolocate (ie a user in Australia landing on the site would see shop prices in AUD and AUD as the selected currency as opposed to the store’s default USD). Does it definitely do this on its own? If yes, let’s try to fix the issues on it alone rather than trying to integrate WOOCS into it.

    We did also try to see if switching the WOOCS plugin would solve things. It only made it worse. While it did geolocate – it showed prices in the right currency for the region on the shop page BUT the currency symbol at the top right corner was incorrect (showed USD and would not change). Also the currency could not be changed on the page at all, not even on another page (which previously happened with the plugin switched off). Yet to see if it will autoupdate the rates (set to 24hrs).

    If the multi currency set up on Claue is supposed to be able to geolocate, we would prefer to just fix it and run with this rather than layering up another plugin like WOOCS over the top of it. So please let us know.

    If Claue can’t geolocate on its own, please let us know the exact set up you’ve integrated with WOOCS since its definitely not working at all right now. The set up we have on the plugin is the exact same one we have on the live site and its working fine there.

    Thanks again, much appreciate your assistance!



    1. Please remove slider height http://prntscr.com/mdjye6

    2. I see you set product single page layout is full-width so please use product image is 826 x 1000 and go to Appearance > Customise > WooCommerce > Product Image and change main image width to 826 and catalog image width to 470 and you should make them same dimension

    3. Please uncheck in “Only show children of the current category” http://prntscr.com/mdk08x

    4. It now your site still have cache, please clear cache for it work. Please go to cloudflare and clear cache on your site

    5. You should create new newsletter form it separate with old form in footer with style as you want and use shortcode

    6. Yes, the currency integrated in our theme work well with Geo without WOOCS. Please go to cloudflare and clear cache on your site

    Kind regards

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    Hi Harry,

    Many thanks for the answers.

    Layerslider responsiveness – taking out the slide height broke it but we figured out the answer – under ‘Full-width slider settings’, you need to specify the pixels for ‘responsive under’ and ‘layers container’. We played around with some numbers and it turned out to be the width of the slider photo – 1280 px. This seems to have fixed it.

    Thanks for the image dimensions – we have loaded them and we’ll reload the images which are cut off to see how that works.

    WP Bakery Builder for the new row above footer – sorry but I didn’t understand your answer. Would you mind taking a look at the draft of the page we’ve built for that and let us know what the problem is? The text and form fields need to go inside the row (it is not letting us transfer it there) and the need to be all on one line.

    Currency settings – so we’ve switched the WOOCS plugin off again. Cleared all caches including cloudflare. Same error as before – it does not geolocate – it always shows prices only in USD (eg. user from UK loads site but prices show up in USD not GBP) and it will not change currency on the page (eg. on dresses page you change from say USD to GBP, it stays on USD). These are not caching issues, something else is the problem.

    We even switched off Cloudflare and tested it from proxy servers in different countries to see the currency which would load and if it would change currencies on the page and the issues were still there.

    Thanks again in advance.




    I thought plugin Mailchimp for wordpress can create one more forms but it only support one form so you only use 1 form for both layout: Above footer and inside footer

    Please add class for newsletter form above footer and use CSS to style https://staging1.1950sglam.com/mc4wp-form-preview/?v=e14da64a5617

    I’m not sure which cause the issue on your site but when i try on my local the GEO currency still work well http://take.ms/LSXvAr

    Please try disable plugins and only enable recommend plugins

    Kind regards

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    I’m not sure which cause issue. Please try plugin WOOCS

    Kind regards

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    A follow on from the previous post. So we’ve worked out what you did and were able to reverse it. We can now log into the site’s WP admin panel again.

    Changing the Woocommerce setting from “geolocate” to “geolocate (with paging cache support)” adds  an ‘?v=hash’ IP address hash to every single url on the site. This does not fix the geolocation issue, just breaks the admin panel login because of that string and creates other issues.

    In the video you showed above from your website, there are none of these strings attached to the url’s and the woocommerce settings are just ‘geolocate’.  So the currency locating and switching in Claue can work on these settings but it is not working on our sites. Its not working with WOOCS either (even though WOOCS works on our site with the old theme).

    We paid for this theme for two of our sites, with extended support for both of them (not just once) and right now we have a theme that does not have this currency feature working properly on either site. Telling us to use WOOCS when WOOCS causes other currency errors which we already explained is not the answer.

    Could you please investigate the issue and advise on the fix.



    Hi Harry,

    Any progress on the geolocating issue? The currency still defaults to USD when they load up the site regardless of customer’s location.

    Many thanks

    P.S. Our host provider Siteground have confirmed that nothing on their end is causing this.



    I’m sorry for late reply.

    Our developer team now in vacation of Luna New Year holiday till 15 Feb, 2019. When they back I will push them check your site.

    Kind regards

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    Hi Harry,

    Thank you for your reply and Chúc Mừng Năm Mới!

    We managed to get the WOOCS currency plugin properly integrated and working which means that with the plugin activated, the prices are now geolocating based on user’s country IP. We will be able to test if the rates autoupdate feature is working properly in a day or so.

    One issue however. In switching to the WOOCS plugin, we had to switch of the Claue currency switcher and change to the WOOCS one. We have inserted the shortcode for it into the header but the styling is now off and it doesn’t fit at all with the Claue look.

    We have tried adding adding some different custom css code to at least reduce the width of the box and remove the container (outline) its in but none of what we tried has worked.

    Can you suggest some css code for this or to change the style and look of the currency switcher to the Claue one?

    Many thanks



    Hi netmined,

    Thank you very much for your wishes!

    Please add below code to Claue > Theme Option > General Layout > Custom CSS

    .woocommerce-currency-switcher-form .chosen-container-single .chosen-drop {
    	border-radius: 0;
    	background: #f6f6f8;
    	box-shadow: none;
    	border: none;
    .woocommerce-currency-switcher-form .chosen-container-single .chosen-single,
    .woocommerce-currency-switcher-form .chosen-container-active.chosen-with-drop .chosen-single {
    	background: none;
    	border: none;
    	box-shadow: none;
    .woocommerce-currency-switcher-form .chosen-container .chosen-results li {
    	padding: 5px 22px;
    .woocommerce-currency-switcher-form .chosen-container-single .chosen-single div b {
    	background-image: none !important;
    	background-size: inherit !important;
    	background-repeat: inherit !important;
    	position: relative;
    .woocommerce-currency-switcher-form .chosen-container-single .chosen-single div b::before {
    	font-family: FontAwesome;
    	content: "\f107";
    	position: absolute;
    	top: 0;
    	right: 10px;
    	color: #666;

    Kind regards

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