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    Hello, we have run into an issue using WOOCS Currency Switcher from CodeCanyon and the plugin Claue Addons. We are getting increased total prices within WooCommerce order receipts sent to customer and the backend admin view of single orders. This obviously confuses customers because they panic thinking they’ve paid more than what was shown to them, mainly AUD and US are affected. The correct amount is charged to the customer but the totals are incorrect when an order is successful.

    We have done some investigation and found the plugin Claue Addons to be the issue. If we disable this, all the totals that are incorrect in the backend admin view of “Orders” the amounts change to what they should be. The flip side of this is that we lose all our banners and woocommerce feeds on pages that have been created as a result of your plugin.

    I am trying to work out whose plugin is actually at fault here but I thought I’d reach out to both of the authors to see what can be done. I know your theme comes with a currency switcher and I think maybe this is causing a conflict, despite it being disabled.

    We have a staging website that I have provided logins for. Please bear in ind that the Claue Addons plugin is disabled. You can make test payments using various gateways to test the issue. A quick way to see the issue would be to view the “Orders” page, open a new tab and activate the Claue Addons plugin then open the “Orders” page again and compare the “Totals”. You will notice foreign currencies (AUD & US) increase.



    I check your staging site and see theme and plugin is outdated version, please try update theme and plugin to last version

    If issue still there, please let me know.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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