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    Hello, I am having a wicked time with the variation swatches. I have a 3rd party integration, its called printful. I can get everything to work it just shows the wrong images at the wrong time and it wont show variations on the product list page.



    Could you please provide me your store URL to take a closer look at this issue?

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    On the theme Claue you can’t import dummy data, your masonry grids are not working or sizing correctly. How do you import dummy data, the documentation with this theme stats there is a button that doesn’t exist. Im struggling with this theme.


    I got the sample data but the swatches still pull up too many images.



    Please try update theme to latest version http://shopify.janstudio.net/claue/document/#updating-the-theme, if issue still there please let us know.

    Best regards



    1. Please try update theme http://support.janstudio.net/forums/topic/updating-the-theme/ and recommend plugins in Appearance > Install Plugins to latest version, if issue still there please let us know.

    2. Please try go to WP Addon > Variation Swatch and follow this screenshot

    Best regards



    If I understand this correctly..you didn’t even check your own theme version on my site after I gave you the credentials. Then you send me this when my theme is already the latest version? 1.3.3 and give me a screenshot of a setting that’s already set exactly how you said?

    Whats up with this guys. Did you even log in and look at this site? I really need some support here.

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    1. I checked your site and see you’re using custom attribute, please use global attributes in Dashboard > Products > Attributes

    2. On your site it now running outdated mySQL version, Please contact your hosting support to help you upgrade


    Best regards




    I have upgraded to the new MySQl server. I understand the global attributes however, that’s not the way my store works, the attributes are synced with my fullfillment center.You theme should work with both custom and global attributes. Regardless, that doesn’t solve the multiple image problem that still exists if you could fix that I can make this theme work. I do like the theme and I think its made well.



    I check on product detail page, the image work with correct color it now only the color on product listing page don’t work, it because the plugin doesn’t support custom attribute.

    Best regards


    At this point I can not use your theme as it was advertised. I would like a refund.

    There are many issues with this theme and I dont have time to fix them. Thank you for your support.



    Please submit refund request we will back your money.

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