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    Quick question..

    Can you code this to work with product custom variables instead of global?

    How much?



    Sorry for late reply.

    I report this bug to plugin author and they will fix. Please wait for update.

    Best regards


    Hello, its been a long time and I really need this item fixed. Has it been fixed yet?


    Thank you




    Please update theme to latest version 1.4.0 for custom attribute.

    Best regards


    Updated to latest everything and it still pulls up multiple images when you change colors.

    3/4 sleeve raglan shirt

    Please help, I tried to find the author myself and all their pages are 404.



    1. Did you update plugin Variation Swatch too and upload gallery color for separate color?

    2. Please go to Settings > Permalink and reset setting to default.

    Best regards


    I did update the WooCommerce Variation Swatch to 1.0.6

    ..upload gallery color for separate color? I dont know what this means exactly I choose a color but I did not upload anything in the variation section. I just chose color and selected color in the drop down, it works just pulls up all the images instead of one.

    I did change the permalinks for products to default. It made no change.


    The plugin works great it just pulls up multiple images instead of just the one associated with the selection. I know that the multiple images come from the attributes, each size has it owns image that’s where the plugin is pulling the images from, I know because the amount of images always matches the amount of sizes variations I have.

    I just need the plugin to pull up one image for each color selection. Do you need or would you like access to the site? I thought you had it. Here is the link to the specific product I speak of.


    3/4 sleeve raglan shirt




    Can you send me access to your site dashboard? I try old account but now can’t access.



    Any solution for this ?  I have same problem with variation swatches with Printful integration…

    Please help me. I will provide my fresh demo site credentials in next reply.

    You can log in to my fresh demo site & check my site too.



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    Hi @tutorial,

    Please edit the Printful product and open Variation Swatch tab and change type of color to color.


    Best regards



    Thanks you for your prompt reply !!!

    Have I change/add the colors to every product page manually…

    Is there any way to add colors to Attributes and then automatically preview those colors on variation swatch ?

    Please check screenshot ( attachment image )

    Best regards


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    I have another question…..

    How to change one swatch layout style to another swatch layout style ( check attachment image )

    Best regards



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    1. The color doesn’t have auto option if you use custom attribute. If you use global attribute you only have to create color one time http://janstudio.net/claue/document/#create-attributes

    2. Please change color type as color don’t use label for color.

    Best regards

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