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      Hi, The countdown feature is great, but can it be adjusted in the code or in settings? I wanted to change the ending time. I don’t see this and there is no help in the manual. Also, can the countdown timer be put “only” on certain products or collections?


      The theme isn’t published yet, so if you wish to customize please choose the appropriate theme.

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      Hi, again I have found the options to adjust the timing in theme setting/ main product. Is there any way to add this to individual collections or products?

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      Sorry for the late response.

      I afraid there aren’t any settings in our theme to help make this.

      But I will take your idea as a feature request and report to Dev Team to see any solution they can do to make it through, but we can not sure it will available in next update or not.

      Hope you understand, I will get back to you soon with any updates on this.

Viewing 2 reply threads

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