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      Is it possible that when used in the multi-product categories the ‘load more’ module will automatically load the pages down without the need to click the ‘load more’ button
      And then when you go in to look at a product and go back to the category, it doesn’t return you to the top page, but to where you got to.


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      1. Please go to Claue > Theme Option > WooCommerce > Product Listing Settings > Enable Infinite Scroll > On.
      2. Please install plugin and add below code to new snippet, but the code only work when pagination as number, it not work with loadmore function.

      <script type=”text/javascript”>
      jQuery(function() {
      jQuery(window).unload(function() {
      var scrollPosition = jQuery(“div#element”).scrollTop();
      localStorage.setItem(“scrollPosition”, scrollPosition);
      if(localStorage.scrollPosition) {


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