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      Hi, as the title suggests, I have an issue with the theme display (mobile only).

      Through the backend, I have implemented LOOX reviews into Claue’s “reviews tab” on the product page.

      In mobile view only, when opening the review tab below description, (with a minimum of 5+reviews) the screen jumps to the top of the footer instead of staying with the reviews, so the customers cannot view them. I had LOOX take a peek at the code and this is what they told me:

      “I took a deeper look into your product page’s code and it seems like this issue is related to your theme’s tab section structure.

      From what I’ve gathered, what seems to happen when you click on the reviews tabs is the following:
      1. Shuts the “Product information” tab
      2. Opens the “Ratings & Reviews”

      From what I can see, a third step is missing”

      “I would suggest trying to contact your theme developer with this, as this is related to your theme’s structure of tabs.”


      So here I am, Could somebody take a look at the code to find this frustrating problem that I cannot make go away. Your help would be appreciated.



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      Any luck with this? I cannot make this problem go away. Any help would be appreciated.

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      We are so sorry for the late response. I have just checked on my phone (iPhone 7Plus) but I did not see any problem here. Can you tell me which mobile device are you using?

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