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      Hello, we just installed the theme and we have some questions to ask, the theme is used on WordPress https://woodandwaterco.com/ and we are trying to have as many common features as possible with the original website that was installed on magento https://www.nohrd.com/de/.

      We are trying to change the page title and the size of the background and the background color but we are not able to do that. Example on the home page the section Wooden Fitness Innovation with a grey background.

      We are trying to select Helvetica as the main font for the theme but it is not available. How can we use helvetica without having to do that manually for each feature?

      Can we use a heading with a line from each side? Can you kindly advise how if possible.

      Shop: how can we display the shop in this way? https://www.nohrd.com/de/nohrd-online-shop.html with categories on top and the filters on the side and the products next to it. How can we also add a submenu under the page title.

      Products: how can we add the same title and subsection under the main title and the submenu similar to this page https://www.nohrd.com/de/nohrd-online-shop/filter/waterrower.html

      How can we have the menu setup as a mega menu with photos and columns similar to the submenu of products on this page https://www.nohrd.com/de/n

      Thank you


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      Hi Maria,

      Thank you for choose our theme.

      1. For the pages you can change title for each page  when edit any page and scroll down to “Page Layout Option” https://tppr.me/YLeYE . For WooCommerce’s shop page you can change in Claue > Theme Option > WooCommerce > General Setting https://tppr.me/g02T3
      2. You can change page title background by change page’s featured image https://tppr.me/rZXGQ
      3. You can change size àn background color of page title by add custom CSS code in Claue > Theme Option > General Layout > Custom CSS

      .page-head {padding: 10px 0;}

      .page-head::before {background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5);}

      And increase or decrease 10 as your number, change 0,0,0 as RGB color and 0.5 as opacity from 0.0-1.0

      4. You can change font style in Claue > Theme Option  > Typography. By default, have some browser support Helvetica not all browser support. If you want, you have to change it to webfont and customize css code

      5. You can turn on categories in Appreance > Customize > WooCommerce >Product Catalog> https://tppr.me/qWffQ

      And add sidebar in Claue > Theme Option  > WooCommerce > Product listing setting https://tppr.me/XM0oA

      5. You can change category’s title and sub-title for products page by edit in dashboard> products > Categories https://tppr.me/u051o

      6. To set image for menu you need a mega-menu to use it https://vi.wordpress.org/plugins/megamenu/

      Kind regards

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