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      I had to manually customize my theme all over after the last updates. I read in the documentation there are no auto updates since there isn’t any conventional customization. My question is do we have to do this every single time there is an update? If not, how do we go about it?


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      Currently, Shopify does not support the theme auto update function. Please backup all the file which you did the customization. Each new version, we will provide the files change in Changelog section

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      Hi Foster.

      I just got the latest updates and I really don’t know how to update the current version installed in my store without donkey hours of customization again.

      As suggested in the changelog selection, do I need to go to the updated theme, copy the updated file and paste in the same section in my current theme (old) OR could you point me to a step-by-step guide on how to do this without going over customisation again?


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      I found out a tool which I used to update the theme without donkey hours of customization again.

      1. Upload the updated theme
      2. Duplicate the current version of the theme on your store
      3. Right click on customise on the copy of the current theme and click open in a new window
      4. Right click also on the updated theme and click open in a new window
      5. Go to Changelog Section and look at the various files changes were made to.
      6. Copy the file from your copy of your current theme to the original text section at DiffChecker
      7. Copy the same file also from the Updated theme and paste it into the changed text at Diffchecker.
      8. Scroll Down On Diffchecker and click find differences. The changes made would then be highlighted in green for you to copy and then paste in your copy of your current theme.
      9. Repeat 6-8 until you have made changes to all the files on changelog, save and publish your copy of your current theme.
      10. Remember to always preview after each change to make sure you have it right.

      I hope it will be helpful to others as well.

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      Hi Teteman,

      Thank you so much for share with us, we will update this to our document.

      Have a nice day!

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